How To’s

Book Keeping: A shop’s daily goal is to gain customers. More costumers lead to more profit, and in return, it leads to a more profitable shop. Do you ever wonder how you reconcile your wire orders? As the filling florist, it’s important that you reconcile the orders you fulfilled. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Learn how to prepare by… Read more“How To’s”

Tech Tips

Quick and easy tips for creating and posting Facebook Live videos… Incorporating video into your business’ marketing approach is essential because of social media’s rapid growth. It is a major component of social interaction. In one week, the biggest holiday for romance — and for our industry, will arrive. Consumers will mostly likely be searching online… Read more“Tech Tips”

Trend Setter

Traveling to Italy to compete at Arteflorando SAFIA E20 by Garrett Skupinski, CF When athletes compete in the Olympics, they say there is no greater honor than representing their country. The same goes for Paul Jaras, AIFD, when he represents Canada in international competitions such as the FTD World Cup… Read more“Trend Setter”