I’m Back; Preview of What’s to Come!

Thank you to all who have kept me in your prayers during the last few days. I was truly filled with God’s grace during the weekend, and I could truly feel your prayers! True to my word, I prayed for every reader of my blog. Many by name; others as a larger group (likely because I did not know your name).

During the Priestly Formation Week (the official name for what the college seminary community was participating in), there were a variety of activities. We attended one-hour conferences concerning different aspects of the priesthood relevant to our lives, including ‘suffering’, ’embracing the Cross’, and ‘diocesan priestly spirituality’. We participated in daily Mass, communal prayers, the Rosary, and Eucharistic Adoration. A pick-up game of basketball was played, as well as some ping pong and a wiffle-ball game. After it snowed late Friday night, we decided to have a few snowball fights (I, thankfully, was wearing water resistant clothing!)-“When life gives snow, make snowballs” (that’s my wintertime motto). We lodged in cottages located in , in Dutzow, Missouri, and the facilities, staff and food were all excellent.

Here’s a picture of the ‘Chapel on a Hill’ at the 150 acre Catholic Camps of America:


While spending some time in quiet solace, I thought of some excellent topics to blog about and to spend some serious time researching and reflecting further upon, as they will become increasingly important to my role as a priest (if I, God-willing, become one!). Some topics I pondered included: morality in clothing and lifestyles, a ‘fast’ from ALL media, intrinsically integrating prayer into daily life (for everyone), and liturgical music and singing.

from the Priestly Formation Week may be found on my .

I pray that everyone has a peaceful and abundantly blessed year, in the year A.D. 2005!