Planned Parenthood

I regularly read , and am especially glad that it’s author, Dawn Eden, regularly reports on the vast number of inconsistancies, lies, and misinformation dished out by Planned Parenthood and its subsidiaries. If Dawn were to write a book about PP, I would gladly snatch up a few copies and distribute them to all my friends; pro-life AND pro-abortion!

Today’s blog entry, “”, is especially disturbing. The entry concerns an abortionist who has “the utmost respect for life,” but says, “how can you not give [little girls] the choice to terminate a pregnancy?” You can read the whole article about this abortionist .

This is sick.

But, Planned Parenthood would have you believe otherwise. On : “We believe that everyone has the right to choose when or whether to have a child.” Hmm…

Many times, when I witness to my Pro-Life stance, whether it be at a , , or at the , I am asked by confused or brainwashed youth and adults, “What about the mother’s right to her own body?” Well, I have news for them: when someone decides to have an abortion, her body is holding another body – and that body inside her has it’s own rights. What about that body’s rights? And nothis is not some anti-feminist thing. I am not a chauvinistic male—I simply care about the life of the mother and the child.

It really is sick how misguided the organization Planned Parenthood is. Their website (note: there are some VERY sick things on this website, including some material I would classify ‘soft-porn’), the website that supposedly “provides valuable information” (according to to our nation’s youth, is really some perverted people’s idea of a fun place for teens to hang out, learn how to have oral sex, learn that they can have sex as much as they want, whenever they want (oh, as long as they still eat and sleep…), and basically let their hormones run free. Teenwire teaches that masturbation is a wonderful thing . made me wonder if the webmasters of Teenwire are losing touch with reality because of all the lies presented. Teenwire even accepts !

And yet, .

Please pray for an end to abortion and a renewed truthful respect for life throughtout society, from conception to natural death.