Using LINE in Everyday Design

With every design, it is essential to ensure a proper form. The principles and Elements of Floral Design should always be your go-to support with every design. Every element brings something unique to a design. Line is no exception.

There are several different types of line. Learning to work with each type is one way a florist can grow their skills. Static and dynamic lines are two important types of line to keep in mind. Static line gives a great vertical and horizontal look to a design. Dynamic lines help give a curved flow to a design- a more three-dimensional style. Step out of the comfort zone and show people the value of line. Line is an element that can be seen and touched. It is one element that anyone can appreciate. Plus, it is fun to work with.

Get comfortable with line. You can switch up the flow of a design with dynamic line just moving it. That gives a new look at any design. Line is very important. Use line to draw in your customer’s eye. Where do you want your design’s focal point? Start there.

Adding in dynamic line and static line into a design gives a sense of depth and interest. Add quality and diversity into your designs without needing to add extra cost. Work from the base up. Dynamic flow can be added with any product or flower. Berries, leaves and tulips are also great options. Be willing to work with every element. Give your customers variety. Be ok with change. Adapt with new trends and styles in order to ensure a more prosperous flower shop.

For a more in-depth demonstration, join Jackie Lacey on Floriology Institue’s  for different ways to incorporate line into your designs.