Different Dozen

 Give a fresh look to a Valentine’s favorite

The tradition of the rose dozen has roots in the communication of love and appreciation. The number 12 is believed to come from various sources representing customs across several cultures, religions and philosophies as well as reflecting nature. The primary significance is known to refer to an affection for all 12 months of the year. From these origins, the bud vase was born… perhaps as a solution for limited space, and most likely, from limited budgets.

On these pages we respect the nostalgia of a Valentine’s Day staple, while breathing new life into the classic sentiments of the holiday. By forming a bottle collective and unifying them with a decorative tray we create a large and vibrant community of botanicals.

The nature structure of Betula nigra and laser-cut wood offers the perfect stage for this transparent and playful expression. Rosa hybrid is thoughtfully met with long-lasting favorites as an alternative to an outdated mass of fillers and greens. The result is a visually active dozen guaranteed to wow!






















Botanical Materials:                                                                                                                                                                                       

Vaccinium macrocarpon

Callistephus chinesis

Phalaenopsis amabillis

Rosa hybrida “Deep Purple”

Chrysanthemum morifolium

Dianthus barbatus

Betula nigra


Non-Botanical Materials: 

Syndicate Sales Vintage Bottles

Large Tray

Oasis Bindwire

Oasis UGlu dashes

Design Master Lavendar

Design Master Violet

Design Master Cranberry

Design Master Fuchsia

Design Master Super Silver



























  • Assemble your materials and group them accordingly.
  • Spray-paint laser-cut wood circles and Betula nigra as desired.
  • Remove all foliage that will come in contact with the water line. Reduce extra foliage above the water line to decrease the amount of green you have in your expression.
  • Fill and dry all Vintage bottles.
  • Add UGlu dashes in three points (triangle formation) on the bottom of the bottles. (see photo 1)
  • Remove protective coating and adhere bottles as you see fit in your tray. (see photo 2)
  • Add a few branches to the bottles in a vertical parallel placement. Dissect these lines by adding additional branches in a horizontal manner. (see photo 3)
  • Thread laser-cut wood circles to branch structure. (see photo 4)
  • Secure branches and laser-cut wood as needed with Oasis Bindwire. Trim excess. (see photo 5)
  • Create a transparent expression alternating varieties and layering them in various heights to the bottles. (see photo 6)
  • Fill tray with accents such as berries, nuts, rocks, rice, beans, crushed glass, sand, etc. (see photo 7)