Tech Tips

Quick and easy tips for creating and posting Facebook Live videos…

  • Incorporating video into your business’ marketing approach is essential because of social media’s rapid growth. It is a major component of social interaction.

  • In one week, the biggest holiday for romance — and for our industry, will arrive. Consumers will mostly likely be searching online for ideal gift choices for Valentine’s Day. And this is precisely why as an industry, we need to start thinking differently in order to compete with other gift alternatives. How? By concluding flowers are NOT the first choice among consumers.

  • This year, work on using technology to its full advantage in your life. This includes smartphones, online buying and home tech.

  • More than 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook – every day; and 5 billion a day on YouTube! Video is a powerful marketing media to capture eyeballs and build your brand.
  • As we close out 2017 and look forward to the new year, we examine growth trends that are expected to impact the floral industry. The industry grew at a modest pace in 2016, with a stronger increase in sales estimated for this year — despite a declining number of retail florists in the U.S.

  • Leverage the holiday season in every way to boost your floral sales and deliveries! You’ll be thankful for these Thanksgiving tips!

  • Dominate all searches for funeral flowers in your area by employing an additional strategy: search engine marketing (SEM), through Google Adwords.

  • We can better our website to build more sympathy/funeral business, and it starts with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Don’t worry! It isn’t as scary as it sounds with this walk through!

  • Setting up a Pinterest account for your business is a great idea, it also is quick and easy to drive traffic to your website or blog.