Planned Parenthood (yes, again…)

In a post from earlier today entitled “” on , Dawn Eden magnificently deals with Planned Parenthood’s use of the term ‘Emergency Contraception’ and displays an example of Planned Parenthood’s inadequecies when it comes to matters of life:

“Let’s look at this, starting with the words “emergency contraception.”

It is not contraception.

It is abortion.”

Dawn’s post (along with many other previous posts – look in her archives) shows some of the typical improper usage of terms dealing with the babies they routinely kill.

“It is typical of Planned Parenthood to go after the weakest victims. And it is typical of them to do so, knowing that, in many areas, they themselves will be the facility to which women will be referred for “emergency contraception” pills. It boils down to more taxpayer money for Planned Parenthood—at the expense of already-victimized women and their unborn children. Even without the additional funds it would get from such mandated “emergency contraception,” gets over a quarter-billion in taxpayer money each year.”

Some of the government’s uses of our money truly disgust me. Let us pray for a change in the minds of our political leaders, the mainstream media, Planned Parenthood’s employees and, most of all, the women who have their babies killed—that they may find God’s abundant mercy and forgiveness and become ardent supporters of every human child’s right to life!