It Runs In The Family

Success is Relative at The Special Touch

When he opened his shop in 2015, Jose Briceno didn’t need to look far to surround himself with the right people. His wife Gennessis, mom Ana and sister Yrene are all integral to the success of Jose’s business, The Special Touch, located in Miami, Florida.

The shop handles many weddings annually – and Gennessis, Yrene and Ana each utilize their extensive career experience consulting with brides, making certain that every need is met and all details are taken care of.

“When brides come to us they have the confidence in knowing they don’t need to go anywhere else,” says Jose. “We provide a complete package of services through our total team approach. From in-depth consultations, to working with photographers, rental companies and venues, to the creation of beautiful bridal bouquets and decorations by our highly talented designers…we are committed to assuring that the bridal couple and their guests will enjoy a truly special wedding experience they will always remember.”

Among the keys to Jose’s strategy for building his wedding business are bridal shows. “I try to attend at least 10 to 15 shows each year,” he states. “There are many shows right here in Florida, and in addition to attracting local people, there are people who come to these shows from all over the country because Florida, especially Miami, is very popular for destination weddings. We set up a booth, display our latest bridal arrangements, and communicate the comprehensive services we offer. The money we spend on attending bridal shows gives us a nice return in terms of gaining new clients.”


“When brides come to us they have the confidence in knowing they don’t need to go anywhere else…we provide a complete package of services through our total team approach.”


Jose mentions, too, that social media plays an important role in his shop’s bridal marketing plan. “We build new content each month on our social channels, and we coordinate that content with the current bridal show(s) we are attending for that much.”

Social sites are also a key strategy for growing everyday sales at The Special Touch. “We continually post new photos of our latest arrangements, growing our number of followers,” Jose says. “And, we gather info about people who follow us on social media by asking questions and inviting comments…this keeps is engaged with current customers while generating opportunities to gain new customers.”

Jose also utilizes Google AdWords, and he advertises with Yelp. Email marketing is another component in his promotional approach. Furthermore, the shop has recently redesigned its website to make navigation more user-friendly and make placing orders easier.

Added to the importance of all of the above in driving success at The Special Touch is the shop’s dedicated employees. “They make is possible for everything to happen, and they are a very creative group of people. We always encourage everyone on our team to offer their ideas, and a lot of what we do comes from the innovative suggestions of our staff,” sums up Jose.