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Today DevOps transformation is not only a way to build efficient processes but often a necessity for a business to grow and scale. If you want to implement DevOps services in your company, you have two common ways: to hire an in-house team or refer to a qualified DevOps service provider. In this article, we’ll figure out what DevOps is and how you can implement this approach to your project.

DevOps: definition and features

DevOps approach replaced the unwieldy Waterfall model and become the most efficient way to create software development. DevOps pays a lot of attention to routine automation and team collaboration. Unlike the Waterfall, DevOps is a flexible approach, so you can adjust the process of software development to users’ and market needs. DevOps culture gas a few main principles:

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. This principle is also called CI/CD. CI means you can easily add new parts of code, new features, or make bug fixes. A developer writes code in small batches. That makes tests and deployment easier than in the Waterfall model. CD provides fast deployment and all these are possible because of the next principle called IaC.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC). This principle provides creating customizable testing and deployment infrastructures. DevOps engineer can create the infrastructure with a special textual file called manifest. This file is written in descriptive language, so developers and QA engineers can easily edit it. DevOps engineer writes the settings in manifest and makes them customizable. As a result, QA engineers and developers can quickly create a new environment for testing without bothering the DevOps engineer and waiting.
  • Continuous Logging and Monitoring. DevOps culture provides continuous improvement and it’s not possible without monitoring. DevOps engineers automate the monitoring process and remove bottlenecks if they exist. As result, you have an efficient and constantly improving system.

Who are DevOps service providers?

Now you have an understanding of the DevOps approach but who are DevOps service providers? These companies provide DevOps services and a dedicated DevOps team for different projects. As we said at the beginning of the article, you have two ways for DevOps implementation. Let’s find out the difference:

  1. In-house team. In this case, you need to hire the whole DevOps team one by one. This is quite a long process. You should prepare workplaces, spend time on the hiring and adaptation. Also, when you’ll finish the DevOps transformation, you’ll need to say goodbye to the team or pay salaries specialists on the bench, or outsource your team.
  2. Dedicated tram from DevOps service provider. In this case, you’ll hire the whole team at once. Usually, this is an experienced and cohesive team, so they can start the work immediately. With DevOps service provider you’re not limited by location and shouldn’t worry about the time after the project ends.

How to find a reliable DevOps provider?

As you can see, hiring a dedicated team is much more efficient than in-house. So, the last question is where to find a reliable DevOps service provider? There are a lot of good resources like Clutch or Good Firms where you can find the top list of providers, see reviews and awards, and choose the most appropriate company for your project.