New Year, New Possibilities

Latest Napco containers provide creative inspirations

As we kick off the New Year and look to the Atlanta Gift Market to set the pace for the next season, and as we plan for the upcoming Valentine’s and Mother’s Day holidays and all that has to happen in between, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the newest Napco containers and how we might use them, repurpose them and market them.

While trends continue to change they also continue to stay the same – SAFE. The ever-changing market and consumer purchasing habits keep most industry suppliers and importers playing it safe with new product introductions. This pushes us to be creative with everything we offer and have alternative uses for everything we carry. Shown here are some inspirational ideas for some of the newest vessels Napco will introduce in their latest catalog.





Fall Into Style

Autumn is a great time to bring in new/updated look to baskets. Metal is hot and this two-piece set offers style and function. Pair this with grouping, zoning and layering…bringing imaginative new style to the fall icon, the pumpkin.





Halloween Sugar Skull

Halloween has gone from a child’s holiday for candy to an adult holiday of fun and frivolity. Sugar Skulls are the current trend that takes the fright out of the skull and adds some playfulness. Traditional Halloween decor in black and orange is no longer the desire. Match up your floral colors with the great trending colors of blue and coral from the container for a fresh marketable approach. Add some updated floral products and foliage for a sweet sugar sell.



High Style Holiday 

With today’s world market, along with generational differences, it’s necessary to have something for every taste. This art deco style vase will appeal globally to every generation in a different way as long as you let them know the possibilities for design. Using tall Steele grass gives it a larger than life appeal while fitting into today’s generation of more for less in every way.



















Color My World

One of the great things about today’s trends is that they are inter-changeable. This wonderful two-piece set tin pot cover comes in a beautiful mint green and matte red so you can easily use it for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, birthday, or an everyday look that is urban or historic.





Red/Green Pot Cover

Napco Item No. 51278














Riding A Holiday Memory

Everything from our past is bigger than life. Adding these two terrific products to the Napco line helps prove that. It seems this nostalgic truck scene is everywhere you look, bringing back memories…or creating new desires for those who have not seen it before. Combine it with oversized finial metal ornaments for a larger than life appeal.






Christmas Truck Box with Handle

Napco Item No. 51300









Giving From The Heart

Every gift we give at the holidays should be from the heart, and of course thoughts from the heart are extra special at Valentine’s Day. Don’t just repurpose the container for Valentine’s – save your heart some stress by repurposing the recipe as well. With a few changes in floral product you have a great look in an exceptional container. Happy Heart!!