Businesses That Matter Do Well By Doing Good

When fueled by a Purpose Beyond Profit, a business does good things for employees, customers, society, and the planet.

How businesses that matter, matter to people:

  • They help employees create meaning in their lives by making their work matter.
  • They give customers solid reasons to admire, respect, and be happily associated with their business and their offerings.
  • They help build a stronger society by being a good corporate citizen, respecting laws, and helping improve lives.
  • They strive to limit their impact on the environment by conserving non-renewable resources, curtailing pollution, and reducing, reusing, and recycling their materials.

Profiting through purpose:

In the process, businesses that matter in these ways do well financially because they:

  • Retain a highly motivated and gratified workforce, and attracts the best new talent
  • Generate a base of passionately loyal customers who promote and grow the business through personal endorsements
  • Differentiate themselves in the increasingly commoditized marketplace
  • Attract the attention and commitment of the investment community
  • Forge more advantageous partnerships, alliances, and supplier relationships

Businesses driven by a compelling Purpose Beyond Profit thrive because they address the needs of people to create new meaning in their lives.

In the age of meaning, people are becoming far more discerning about what they buy, whom the buy from, and the companies for which they’ll work.

Aligning your business to this need makes your business stronger today, and better fit for the future.