Design Time!

  • The Floral Design Council showcases and celebrates the breathtaking creations of three local florists…

  • Nowadays it is very easy to buy flowers from a wholesaler to make a floral arrangement. With the advancement of technology and transportation we can order the flowers we need to produce beautiful bouquets online in the morning and get them delivered in the afternoon.

  • Cost-effectively create your own in-shop photo studio and take high quality pics of your floral arrangements, ready for posting

  • Step-by-step techniques for turning re-purposed items into great-looking designs for corporate customers and events…

  • The art of Botanical Living takes center stage as we focus on fabulous new looks for home and patio…

  • Every little girl dreams of their wedding so the pressure is on. Details are what will make the wedding you plan stand out, and thanks to Corrine Heck your job just got a whole lot easier!

  • Danny Sanchez and Sam Noriega are building a formidable floral presence in South Florida. The two are co owners of a growing business encompassing a wholesale location and several retail shops…with plans to expand even further.

  • Valentine’s Day is the largest sales and profit holiday for florists. With that being said, it is important when florist have customers coming into your shop to buy flowers&

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